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Stained Glass Repairs and Restorations

At Colors of Glass, we have the expertise and artistry you need for both simple and complex stained glass repairs and restorations:

Stained Glass Repairs
From small stained glass sun catchers to elegant stained glass windows, we can repair any damage that time, people, or accidents have inflicted. That includes, but is not limited to: 

      ·Broken glass
      ·Broken lead came
      ·Bowed panels
      ·Missing pieces

Stained Glass Restorations
Sometimes, you need to go beyond stained glass repair to stained glass restoration. At Colors of Glass, we will help you restore the full integrity of your stained glass work. This may involve:

      ·Performing stained glass repairs and/or replacing lead came
      ·Developing a sound structure and framework (especially for large stained glass pieces)
      ·Sealing the piece against the weather (may be advisable for stained glass windows)
      ·Cleaning and polishing the entire stained glass piece

For both stained glass repairs and stained glass restorations, we will gladly work with you to safely remove stained glass (i.e., stained glass panels or windows) and to re-install them to ensure their integrity and longevity.(Colors of Glass does not remove or re-install large panels or windows) 

Stained glass pieces can be dropped off at my Store anytime during store hours or by appointment if necessary , or you can make an arrangements for pickups and deliveries at an additional cost. 

So if you have a stained glass heirloom or work of art that has been damaged or has lost its original luster, contact us at Colors of Glass: we will bring your stained glass back to its original beauty so you can enjoy it for years to come! 

You can read the Customer Comments in the Quest Book or you can let the Pictures below speak for themselves. The pictures below are of pieces in various stages or repair.
Click on any photo to enlarge image and see the colors come alive!!